Nothing to Purchase, Install, Configure, or Maintain

  • You're ready to send secure email as soon as you create an account.
  • There is no software required and no encryption keys to manage.
  • It works anywhere, on any email client, and from any web-enabled device.

Why do I need to send encrypted emails?

Encryption is the process of transforming information in such a way that an unauthorized third party cannot read it. Many programs encrypt the email on the way to the recipient but once the email reaches its destination anyone can open and read the contents of the email. Now ask yourself, what if I mistyped the email address?

That is where Email Cipher is different than your typical email software. Our encryption process protects your information from beginning to end.

When communicating about sensitive subjects, and sharing data such as (Patient info, Tax documents, Accounting documents, Legal forms or documents) you can either encrypt your email or simply not send it. Anything else is not secure.