How Email Cipher Works

Our innovative solution is a hybrid tool that combines the robust, 2-key methods of asymmetric encryption with user-friendly platforms to provide an intelligent and convenient end-to-end encryption solution.

End-to-end email encryption

True data protection for the sender and recipient is the cornerstone of Email Cipher’s encryption services. Our trusted security algorithms convert user data into an unreadable cipher ensuring a sender’s message is protected from the moment it is drafted. We then implement a 2-step verification process for recipient authentication to prevent unauthorized access.

What makes Email Cipher unique

  • The most important thing about encryption is security on both sides, the sender and recipient. That’s what sets Email Cipher apart; your email will be received encrypted and protected by a password set by you, the user. Now you can have peace of mind that even if your email ends up in the wrong hands, your information will remain secure.
  • With Email Cipher Pro you can text the password to the recipient's cell phone for added security and as a second verification method.