Email Encryption Compliance

Firms today face a minefield of regulations that must be thoughtfully understood and carefully implemented. Email Cipher has been designed as a tool to help you address many of those challenges within your organization while still allowing easy, reliable, and safe communication.


Email Cipher can help ensure compliance with the HIPAA standards that affect email. These standards can be found in the Technical Safeguards group of the Security Rule:

Transmission Security standard Aimed at preventing unauthorized access to and modification of ePHI being transmitted over a network, this standard has two implementation specifications: Encryption and Integrity Controls. These two are easily met through Email Cipher - end-to-end military-grade encryption. Not only are unauthorized users prevented from modifying the contents of your email, they also have no way of viewing it.

Audit Controls - standard - Email Cipher Basic and Pro already come with a message auditing feature that will allow you to track message events. Pro subscribers may even view other relevant usage information such as a list of recipients, subjects, and the total size (text body and attachments) of each email message.


To guide businesses in achieving email compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the SEC and PCAOB are advising CEOs and CIOs to adopt an IT-focused control framework. In turn, most companies have turned to COBIT, the most widely-accepted control framework when it comes to business risks associated with IT issues.