Why do you need email encryption as a healthcare provider?

Every healthcare professional and health-services provider in the U.S. is, and by law must be, familiar with HIPAA and HIPAA encryption compliance.

Essentially all hospitals, physicians, and clinics communicate via email. Health related files are also frequently transmitted by email, as are insurance-plan specifics. Even traveling a short distance, an email will often be duplicated at least a few times by the multiple servers through which it passes. HIPAA encryption compliance dictates that any kind of open-network digital correspondence containing PHI must be encrypted. The law also directs that all messages be securely archived, indexed, and time-stamped and that they are made tamper-proof and obtainable when requested.
The main advantage of using encrypted emails is easy to understand: it guarantees that PHI transmitted by means of email messages cannot be intercepted by unintended parties. This includes the actual text of the emails plus all attachments. Encryption can be understood as a system of transforming ordinary text into “ciphertext” by using a key.

Isn’t Email Secure? No way!

Email, in general, is not secure. Most people don’t realize there really is any way to know that the person receiving the email you sent is who you intended. This is especially so in companies whose messaging system is controlled through an IT department. Oftentimes companies have an email policy in place informing employees that they should expect no privacy as it relates to using the company’s email or Internet systems. So, those people handling sensitive information, including discussing diagnoses and treatments for patients, need to be aware that general email has no guarantee of privacy.

Email Encryption?? “Like I need to add more complicated steps to my daily tasks”

In the eyes of most individuals, encryption is something that’s a hassle to setup, use, and maintain. For healthcare executives and workers, encryption in healthcare is just another frustrating hassle. It takes so much time and effects office efficiency, especially for small busy offices.
Healthcare providers hear “encryption” and immediately think of complicated health portal systems or data encryption services that are complex and get in the way of their workflow. All the above scares many small providers away from adopting encryption.

Luckily, there is an encryption solution that exists that is both strong and easy to use “Email Cipher“. Unlike most solutions in the market, Email Cipher is designed to be easy to use, it was designed based on a feedback gathered from over 80 healthcare provider all across the USA.
Email Cipher adopted the feedback and designed a product really easy to use without compromising security.
Interested in seeing just how easy it is to adopt encryption and become HIPAA Compliant? Visit Email Cipher today, and enjoy the security of knowing every email you send is protected from intruders.